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Q: How does the IMPULSE® Cleaning System work?

The IMPULSE Cleaning System supersonically ignites fuel and air to create a strong impulse, or shock wave.

Q: Will impulse waves damage my boiler?

Unlike conventional soot blowers, the cleaning action of the IMPULSE System does not damage boiler tubes.

Q: What is your experience with this technology?

We have installed more than 100 systems over the last ten years and have proven to increase heat transfer, while decreasing or eliminating unplanned boiler outages.

Q: Does the type of boiler affect the effectiveness of the IMPULSE Cleaning System?

No, it is just the characteristics of ash or particulate deposits.

Q: What are the limitations of the IMPULSE Cleaning System?

The IMPULSE System is not recommended for molten deposits.

Q: How long does it take to install the IMPULSE Cleaning System?

In some cases, The IMPULSE System can be installed in less than 2 hours while the boiler is online. Additional time may be required for installation of gas and electrical connections. Installation time will vary by application.

Q: How many IMPULSE Cleaning Systems are required for my boiler?

It varies based on the size and configuration of the boiler. Our Engineering team will help you determine the optimal installation parameters. Typical installations range from 2 to 6 IMPULSE systems.

Q: How do I know if this technology is right for my application?

This technology is most apt for friable deposits and has had great success from Superheaters to economizers of boilers burning high ash coal. It is equally effective with staggered and inline, and finned and smooth tubes and has had great success with tubular air heaters, and “avalanche control” in ducting.

Q: How is the IMPULSE Cleaning System installed?

Usually through access doors or soot blower ports, thus avoiding bending tubes. The IMPULSE system can also retrofit existing 75 Hz acoustic horn installations by replacing the ‘A’ section.

Q: What is the advantage of the IMPULSE Cleaning System over traditional cleaning methods?

No tube erosion, no steam usage, omnidirectional cleaning pattern, easy installation, improved heat transfer efficiency, reduced opacity spikes, much lower maintenance costs.

Q: Does the boiler area need to be cleaned prior to the installation of the IMPULSE Cleaning System?

We recommend starting with a clean boiler, but the IMPULSE System can be effective on an already fouled boiler.

Q: What is the operating cycle for the IMPULSE Cleaning System?

If the boiler is clean, the system will operate every 15-30 minutes, 10-20 pulses per cleaning cycle. For fouled boilers, you will need to operate the system more aggressively until deposits are removed.

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